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Umm... I've watched She's The Man about twenty times too many?

So... I am a married, 30-something housewife with kids, 2 of whom are in junior high. Oh the joy.
I enjoy manga, anime, sci-fi shows, chocolate, and books in general.
I write fanfiction as a way to keep my sanity.
And because, really, a grown up fangirl is still just a fangirl.

I am a multi-shipper in pretty much every fandom I follow. As such, I have few OTP's.
(Zutara and InoCho, FTW!... but I'm open to them paired with others)

I grew up reading vast quantities of classical literature.
I've been told that the influence can be seen in my writing- I can be a bit wordy.
Depending on your tastes, that may or may not be a good thing.

Also, I am a 400 foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings.

As for other stuff you may want to know, I have some links.
(Because I live to enlighten, or something like that)

My fanfiction masterlist: [naruto] [legend of korra]
My fanfiction recs: [full of awesome1] [full of awesome2] [full of awesome3] [full of awesome4]
3rd-Jun-2013 04:41 pm - I'm on cloud 9
Wow... I can't believe it!

I just found out that my entry (All The Roads We Have To Walk) won first for the Wedding contest at deviantart's #Chouji x Ino fangroup.

It's the first time I've ever won a skill based contest.
(I'm kind of tickled pink right now.)
21st-May-2013 09:09 am - RDJ makes intellect even hotter
So, I finally got to go see Iron Man 3.

Not that I am a huge super-hero or action movie fan or anything, but I have an soft spot for this particular series (and The Avengers by proxy) because of RDJ. I know Stark is supposed to be intelligent and sexy and all that anyway, but he lends something to the role that I am inexplicably drawn to.

(Apparently, I have a thing for intelligent, snarky guys - I married one)

Anyway... I thoroughly enjoyed the movie in its entirety, but the House Party Protocol was amazingly sexy. Seriously, I had a fangirl moment right in the theater. And I usually have complete control over those urges in public because I am, after all, a married adult and mother.

(But really, it was the most full-of-awesome part of the movie.)
Ugg, I'm so freaking tired.

In my life, apparently, it always pours when it decides to rain.

I recovered from a terrible cold just a couple weeks ago and now I'm sick again. It wouldn't be too bad, I suppose, since this time around it's a fairly mild cold. But, no, life had to throw more my way. I found head lice on my oldest son yesterday morning.

I don't even know how he got it.

So anyway, now I'm stuck running an entire house worth of linens through the wash - which is a lot because I have a family of five - spraying stupid lice-killing chemicals on my furniture and in general cleaning like a mad women. While I'm sick and just need to rest. I've been at it since 7 am yesterday and only stopped to take a 3 hour nap, before I got back up and started again.

I need some chocolate and a venti caramel frappachino, like stat.
Too bad the nearest Starbucks is over an hour from my house.
19th-Apr-2013 09:39 pm - Holy crap, my mojo is back!
I am so excited.

Finally, after weeks of struggling to type a single freaking word of fiction, I managed to whip out close to 8000 words in just under 3 days 11,000 words in 3 days.

That's like a new record for me.
(Usually I manage maybe 5000 words per week. On a good week.)

And I am not done. Oh no, I am not done.
(The plot bunnies have attacked and are compelling me to write some more.)

So yeah, my brain and I are back on speaking terms again.
I hate writer's block!!!

I'm supposed to be working on my Naruto fic exchange project, but no, my brain does not want to cooperate with me.
It keeps coming up with random plot bunnies for Draco/Hermione stories... Seriously? Stupid Harry Potter.

And worse than that, I have my fic exchange project all planned out - I have for weeks -

Why brain? Why must you mess with me so close to a deadline?

I hate you.

Sorry, I just needed to get that out of my system.
(Please return to your normally scheduled programming)

I don't know why, but I have the overwhelming urge to write a Draco/Hermione fic.

And I'm not even a Harry Potter fan.
(though I've watched the later movies - PoA to DH2 - out of mere curiosity)

Sometimes I'm baffled at how my own brain works.
1st-Apr-2013 11:59 am - My hubby is the freaking best
I just got a new laptop!!!

And it's about time too. My old PC is 10 years old and while it has been a great machine - friend, confidant, ever-present help - it is time to put it out to pasture. Actually, that time came and went about 2 years ago.

My hubby totally surprised with a shopping trip during the kids' spring break and let me pick out what I wanted, within reason of course (I wouldn't have kept the old one around as long as I did if I had the finances to just buy a new one whenever I wanted, after all).

So anyway, I'm having so much fun, even if I kind of hate windows 8.
1st-Mar-2013 03:15 pm - Sustenance
Title: Sustenance
Characters: Team 10
Rating: K
Word Count: 758
Genres: friendship
Warnings: none

Summary: "If it'll help me live longer, I'm willing to try it. I can't protect you if my heart gives out, can I?"
A Team 10 ficlet filled with shamelessly silly headcanon. Posted because my profile needs some fluff.

Read at [ff.net] or [ao3]

Last, but most certainly not least...

My favorites 1 - 5Collapse )
Well, that's it!

Wow... I really had fun doing that. This entry was originally posted at http://www.dreamwidth.org/12345.html. Please feel free to comment in either journal!
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